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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: May 7, 2022

Answers to questions frequently asked by property owners potential property owners:

Q: How much are your dues?

A: Dues are $345 annually per Improved Property and $125 annually per Unimproved Property. Dues are assessed November 1st of each year and due January 1st. Late fees are charged February 1st.

Q: I would like to come look at a lot you have for sale and will be coming to your area soon. How do I gain access?

A: You must contact a Realtor to show you to any property that is available for sale. If listed for sale by owner, contact the owner. Neither the CLPOIA Office nor Gate Guard will be able to let you in just to look or drive around. You must be accompanied by a Realtor or a property owner at all times.

Q: Who provides water to the community?

A: Monarch Utilities, also known as Southwest Water Co. is the only water provider for our entire community. For all water utility related questions please contact them at 1-866-654-7992.

Q: Who provides electricity to the community?

A: Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative is the only electric provider for our area. For all electric utility service questions please contact them at (903) 675-5688.

Q: Do you have High Speed Internet Access available to your area?

A: Phone service and most of our residents’ Internet is provided through CenturyLink. Their contact number is (800) 786-6272. Satellite internet is available through other companies such as Hughes Net. Dish Satellite is also available.

Q: Where is your local post office?

A: Although CLPOIA is located in Van Zandt County, everyone in the community has a Murchison, TX 75778 mailing or physical address which is in Henderson County. For all addressing or postal questions, please contact the Murchison post office. The Murchison Post Office also has a substation set up in the First State Bank of Ben Wheeler. There is the Edom Branch for basic postage needs.

Q: My cell phone service is really bad in your area. Who gives the best coverage?

A: Cell service is very poor to almost non-existent in some spots here at CLPOIA. Most people report the best coverage coming from Verizon and Sprint. Service may be improved by purchasing a signal booster from your provider.

Q: Where is the closest grocery store/shopping?

A: Right across the street from the Lake entrance is the Callender Lake Store for all your basic grocery needs such as perishable and non-perishable items as well as fishing bait and supplies. A grill for to-go orders is also available. Otherwise, Athens, Brownsboro, Ben Wheeler, Canton, and Tyler would be the next options.

Q: Where is the closest gas station?

A: Murchison is the closest gas station(s) available. There is an Exxon station just outside of Edom. Otherwise, Brownsboro or Ben Wheeler each have 2.

Q: Where is the nearest bank?

A: First State Bank of Brownsboro, Murchison Branch is the closest bank to our location having multiple branches in their family. First State Bank of Ben Wheeler, Edom Branch are also options.

Q: Where is the closest hospital?

A: The closest hospital is East Texas Medical Center Athens. Tyler also has East Texas Medical Center Tyler, Trinity Mother Frances Tyler and The University of Texas –Tyler Hospital.

Ambulance Service is available for our area via Champion EMS which will automatically take you to Trinity Mother Frances Tyler.

Q: Where is your nearest Fire Dept./Volunteer Department?

A: On the east side of the entrance is the Edom Volunteer Fire Department sub station and they are our first responders.

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