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Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Properties for sale within the Community are handled by area realtors or the owners, themselves. The CLPOIA Office cannot grant access to anyone just to look around.

We encourage realtors to show and do business within Callender Lake. However, there are methods to how realtors should gain access and escort their clients within the community.

Realtors should obtain a Realtor gate card. Realtors can do this by contacting the front office for instructions on how to get a gate card. Because our office is part time and we are a volunteer lead community, please allow lead time in order to complete the gate card request.

Realtors should remember to not let their clients tailgate. In order to let them in, many realtors will meet their clients in front of the gate and ask them to wait for them to go through the gate and come back and let them in.

Realtors should also remember not to allow their clients to "roam and look"; unescorted within the community. Realtors can show the clients the amenities and the properties available, but should not leave the client unattended.

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